Go to church on Saturday...are you crazy?


Probably. But our collective sanity aside, why the members of Living Grace gather on Saturday morning (and not Sunday like the majority of our denominational congregations) speaks as much to who we are... and why you might want to check us out...as anything else about us.


Pulled, kicking and screaming, from the teachings of a well-known cult (the Worldwide Church of God) almost two decades ago, the members of Living Grace Christian Fellowship, and the members of our parent denomination, Grace Communion International, have had the opportunity to experience God's love, mercy and grace in a way unlike most churches in our community. To have almost everything we believed in shaken, and to find ourselves sitting in the dust at the foot of the cross, with little less to cling to than the love of Jesus, and the invitation to join Him in the ministry He was already doing...needless to say we don't take ourselves all that seriously anymore.


And it is for that reason that if you should chance to join us some Saturday morning, you will find that we truly don't care what you believe, or what baggage you carry, or where you've been. We just care about you, and we're glad you made us a small step on your journey. Because we've all learned the hard way that the real foundation of the Christian faith is not "what" you know, but "who" you know. Through no effort of our own we've come to know the risen, active Jesus, and we hope that during your visit you will come to know Him a little better as well.


And WHY Saturday? Why not? If our relationship with Jesus is not about a day, or a place, or a particular brand of belief, then Saturday is just as good as any other day of the week. The good folk at Asbury United Methodist have blessed us with this place to gather (and we bless them with much-needed income). And whether you're in the "Start the Weekend Right!" camp, or you prefer "Get Church Over with Early!" Saturday morning is perfect.


So if you're looking for a possible church family that is willing to welcome and accept you for who you are, come check us out some Saturday morning. Sleep in on Sunday for a change.